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Proven, effective solutions for Tribal Healthcare

The true power of a business’ agility lies in its flexibility. Having perfected a truly intuitive product over the last decade, we put all our abilities to test for the Tonto Apache Tribe of Arizona. In a bid to bring ease, efficiency and effectiveness to healthcare for tribes, we ended up creating a milestone model for tribal healthcare in the United States of America.


Taking healthcare to the roots

As a healthcar esolution provider, we understand the inherent clinical and medical challenges faced by the tribes. Our solution for the tribe’s healthcare needs came from our understanding of community healthcare. Keeping in mind the structure and composition of the tribe, we centered our technical solution on culture.


Genealogy & Family Tree

The solution offers a quick glance on any patient’s family history for physicians and treating doctors to consider. In a truly digitised and dynamic format, this feature helped identify disease patterns, individual and group tendencies to predict possibilities better.

Special Diabetes Programme for Indians (SDPI)

A special diabetes care programme, executed to treat hereditary diabetes has been established to suit the requirements of the tribe. We connected modern-day diabetic conditions to hereditary genetic tendencies of the tribe as a whole which pointed our findings to set paterns of diabetes within the tribes people. We carefuly curated an intensive screening, monitoring and treatment plan for better diabetic management. As a result, we were able to establish aproactive solution to community healthcare.Preventive screenings have so far,improved clinical outcomes resulting in better diabetes care.


Community Health Representative

The solution ofers a quick glance on any patient’s family history for physicians and treating doctors to consider. In a truly digitised and dynamic format, this feature helped identify disease paterns, individual and group tendencies to predict posibilities better.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

The prevalence of mental health episodes and substance abuse cases within youth nowadays caugh tthe attention of our healthcare professionals that called for a well-thought out plan of combating and controlling.


Truly personalised, seamlesly executed

The layout, proceses and physical touch points were customised to the service needs of the tribe. Our deep understand- ing of tribe genealogy, specific medical ailments and preventive medicine helped us create anintuitive hospital management system that leaves no scope for operational errors.


Paper to ground to paperless

Team Mednet single handedly delivered a highly customised turnkey polyclinic from paper to infrastructure. To top it of with our core expertise, the polyclinic operates on our flagship software and maintains a seamles cohesion of data, process and consistent patient experience across all departments.

How was it executed?

Floor plan for Healthcare center.

The entire facility was planned and chalked out to outperform its capacity.


Software meets Human Resource with clear roles & responsibilities

A well-defined mind-map of software-human collaboration was documented and put into action to ensure every patient-staff interaction is thought through

Patient navigation

The plan included keen observation of patient behaviour and

- Registration desk

- Nursing asesment

- Diagnostic (Pathology & Radiology)

- Doctor’s desk

- Biling admin desk


The Result?

Smart proactively mapped solutions for optimised preventive healthcare. A fuly-functional polyclinic serving over xxx patients a day Seamless proceses, improved turnaround time A first-of-its-kind community healthcare centre for a tribe Proactive screening centre for improved clinical outcomes An entire tribe wil now get the best in healthcare, thanks to their proactive leadership who understood the changing needs of the tribe and its people.

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